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Discworld Debate

All the Disc is but a stage... and we debate about it.

Where people debate about... Discworld!!!!
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This community is founded to give us Terry Pratchett fans and geeks (Of which I am one) a chance to debate various topics relating to that masterpiece of British Literature; the Discworld series. It has an open membership, and as such, anyone can post. There are only a few rules for this journal:

1) Thou shallt not insult the intellegence or lack thereof of any member, poster, or commenter. We all have our stupid days, some more than most.
2) Thou shallt attempt to quote cannon or paraphrase citing the connonical book when disputing, proving, or making a point. This is so that we can all look it up and marvel at Terry's brilliance with you. Or not. I really don't follow this one, so this rule is more of a..... 'guideline"
3) Thou shallt ask questions! You can not learn if you don't, and no question is too stupid, except for maybe the one begining: "Who is Terry Pra....." Don't bother to finish that one.
4) Thou shallt always try to be helpful to other users, and then maybe you will be treated with the same courtesy. It might not hapen, but it can always be hoped for.

This is destined to be a community of enthusiasts, fans, geeks, nerds, and even critics. Open to all, closed to none. Keep that in mind, and remember that though someone might just have said that your favorite book was stupid, they are entitled to opinions, even if thry might be wrong. Ask them nicely to qualifythat statement, and a DEBATE can get started. That is why this journal was formed.
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